As an international class consultant, PDW had developed several partnerships with other international consultants around the globe.

These partnerships are strengthened by the combined skills and resources of both parties and developed based on professionalism, as it is implemented by working side by side on several projects.

Architectural Consultant

AG5 is a full setvice architectureal studio focused on value design, contextual sustainability and integrated technology. Based on Denmark, AG5 is a new type of architectural office using expertise in sustainable practice as a design generator for projects both locally and internationally.

The two architectural practices, AG5 and PDW have entered a partnership in order to implement sustainable design in Indonesia drawing on the expertise from the Danish partner in both integrated Energy Design and Social Sustainability.

The PArtnership has received the support of the Danish Government through Danida B2B programme supporting partnership between Danish and Indonesian firm focusing on energy reductions and sustainable design.

Further Information regarding AG5 is available in this link


GBC Indonesia
Green Building Council Indonesia

GBC Indonesia is a non government and not for profit organization that dedicate their works to develop Green Building in Indonesia. PDW participate as a member and involve in early process of its establishment.

More about GBC Indonesia is able to be view here


Architect & Engineering Consultant

GEC (Gulf Engineering & Consultants), are one of the leading Architects and Engineering Consultants in the Gulf.

This firm established in the year 1982 with unlimited license for Designing & Supervision and have offices in Dubai and Sharjah in United Arab Emirates and in Sultanate of Oman

Collaboration between PDW and GEC is based in Oman for several projects.

More information regarding GEC is available in this link