Sayembara Desain Arsitektur ITB

Location: Bandung, Indonesia

Year: 2010

Concept : ITB Design Competition is an open competition for public to design 4 new buildings in ITB area. They are Center of Advanced Studies (CAS), Center for Research and Community Services (CRCS), Center for Arts Design and Language (CADL) and Center for Infrastructure and Built Environment (CIBE) Building. Main requirement for all these buildings is to have a sustainable /green building design with low maintenance and show unique character for each building. This requirement is applied by optimizing natural cross ventilation and creating a cool micro climate with green foreground and sky garden. Spaces layout is design to maximize both natural lighting and natural ventilation. Natural lighting is designed with reflective wall to allow indirect sunlight goes inside the buildings. Open spaces is provided as a lounge area, discussion area, meeting point and interaction space. Plantation is used as a buffer to noise from pedestrian and gangway.